China Best Sales 22.5 Inch Disk Brake Assembly for Truck Trailer Tractor 6.5t–13t Used for FAW, Sinotruk, Hande, with Good quality

Product Description

Product Description

OE  number spline arm length
    A B C D E F G
571454700 1-1/2-10 120 150 180 250      
571452610 1-1/2-10 120 150 180 250 250    
571465220 1-1/2-10 120 135 150 165 180 250  
571465130 1-1/2-10 120 135 150 165 180 195 250

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Company Profile

ZheJiang Lide Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. Lide has more than 700 employees, including 64 engineering technicians . Lide covers an area of 230, 000 square meters, with a total floor area of 140, 000 square meters. The registered capital of Lide is 101.73 million RMB yuan, and its sales revenue in 2571 reached 680 million yuan.

Lide has an annual output of 1.5 million sets of a wide range of air drum brakes, 200, 000 sets of air drum brakes used for light-duty vehicles; 300, 000 sets of air disc brakes; 300, 000 sets of wheel hub and brake drum; 200, 000 sets of trailer axles. There are more than 80 the independent research and development in various kinds of product invention patents, utility models, design patents and computer software copyrights, etc…

Since 2007, Lide began to focus on the development and research of a wide range of brake products, placing heavy duty and light truck brakes as the core products. It is 1 of the main suppliers designated by CZPT Daimler, Sinotruck, FAW, ZheJiang Automobile, HangZhou Automobile, etc…And it is an important base of brake system of domestic commercial vehicles, in which its supplying share accounts for 65% in CZPT company, 40% in CZPT company, 40% in Sino-truck, CZPT axle supply share accounts for 20%.

Lide has won the honors and rewards as follows:

A member of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers,

A national high-tech enterprise,

One member of the third batch of “gazelle enterprises” (high-growth enterprises) in ZheJiang Province,

One of the enterprises who first invent a set of key parts and components technology in ZheJiang Province.

Its enterprise technology center is recognized as “ZheJiang Enterprise Technology Center” and “ZheJiang Provincial Industrial Design Center”;

Lide′s products are recognized as “Famous Brand” in ZheJiang Province.


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After-sales Service: 3 Year
Warranty: 3 Year
Type: Brake System
US$ 30/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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trailer axle

Can you explain the impact of trailer axle size and construction materials on performance?

The size and construction materials of trailer axles have a substantial impact on the overall performance of a trailer. Here’s how they influence performance:

  • Axle Size: The size, particularly the load-carrying capacity, of the axles directly affects the trailer’s ability to transport heavy loads. Larger axles with higher weight ratings can handle greater cargo, improving performance in terms of payload capacity.
  • Material Durability: The construction materials of axles, such as steel or aluminum, impact their durability and resistance to corrosion. Steel axles are robust and cost-effective, suitable for various applications. Aluminum axles are lightweight and resistant to rust, making them ideal for marine or corrosive environments.
  • Weight Distribution: The size of axles also influences weight distribution. Proper weight distribution across the axles is essential for stability and control. Well-sized axles ensure that weight is evenly spread, enhancing performance during towing.
  • Off-Road Performance: In off-road or rough terrain applications, larger axles with sturdy construction are preferred. They offer better ground clearance and durability, ensuring that the trailer can handle uneven surfaces effectively.
  • Lightweight Performance: For lightweight trailers, smaller axles or those made of lightweight materials like aluminum can improve fuel efficiency and reduce the overall weight of the trailer. This is crucial for small utility or recreational trailers.
  • Cost and Maintenance: The choice of axle size and material impacts the initial cost and long-term maintenance. Steel axles are generally more cost-effective but may require more maintenance to prevent rust. Aluminum axles are initially more expensive but offer long-term cost savings due to their resistance to corrosion.
  • Braking and Suspension: Larger axles may accommodate more robust braking systems and advanced suspension, further enhancing performance in terms of safety, control, and ride comfort.

In summary, the size and construction materials of trailer axles are critical factors in determining a trailer’s performance. The right choice depends on the trailer’s intended use, load capacity, and environmental conditions.

trailer axle

Can trailer axles be used in both recreational and commercial trailers?

Yes, trailer axles are versatile and can be used in both recreational and commercial trailers, but the choice of axle specifications and configurations may vary based on the trailer’s intended use:

Recreational Trailers:

1. Utility Trailers: Trailer axles are commonly used in utility trailers designed for personal use. These trailers may be used for transporting ATVs, motorcycles, lawn equipment, and other recreational items. Single or tandem axles are typical choices, depending on the load capacity needed.

2. Boat Trailers: Recreational boat trailers use trailer axles, usually with features like galvanized coatings to resist corrosion in marine environments. Tandem axles or multiple axles may be used to support the weight of larger boats.

3. Camper Trailers: Travel trailers and camper trailers employ trailer axles. These may range from smaller pop-up campers to larger RVs, each with axles suitable for their size and weight requirements.

4. Horse Trailers: Trailers for transporting horses typically use trailer axles with features designed for animal comfort and safety. Axle configurations depend on the number of horses and the trailer’s size.

Commercial Trailers:

1. Cargo Trailers: Commercial cargo trailers use trailer axles to transport goods. These trailers come in various sizes and axle configurations, from single axles for smaller cargo trailers to tandem or multi-axle setups for larger enclosed trailers.

2. Flatbed Trailers: Flatbed trailers for commercial use utilize trailer axles to transport oversized or heavy loads. Axle configurations and load capacities are designed to meet the demands of industrial applications.

3. Dump Trailers: Trailers used for dumping materials, such as construction debris or agricultural products, use trailer axles. These axles are often equipped with heavy-duty features to handle the rigors of frequent dumping.

4. Refrigerated Trailers: Refrigerated or reefer trailers used for transporting temperature-sensitive goods are equipped with trailer axles suitable for the weight and requirements of refrigeration systems.

5. Specialty Trailers: Various specialty trailers, such as car haulers, concession trailers, and equipment trailers, also rely on trailer axles tailored to their specific purposes.

In summary, trailer axles are adaptable and can serve in both recreational and commercial trailer applications. However, it’s essential to select the right axle type, configuration, and specifications to match the trailer’s intended use, load capacity, and environmental conditions.

trailer axle

Are there different weight capacities for trailer axles depending on the trailer type?

Yes, trailer axles come in various weight capacities, and the capacity depends on the specific trailer type and its intended use. Here are some common weight capacities for different trailer types:

1. Utility Trailers:

– Utility trailers often have single axles with weight capacities ranging from 1,000 to 3,500 pounds. These trailers are used for light-duty hauling and general-purpose applications.

2. Boat Trailers:

– Boat trailers can vary widely in weight capacity based on the size of the boat they are designed to carry. Smaller boat trailers may have weight capacities of 3,000 to 5,000 pounds, while larger ones can exceed 10,000 pounds.

3. Enclosed Trailers:

– Enclosed trailers, used for transporting cargo, merchandise, or personal items, can have weight capacities from 2,000 to 12,000 pounds or more, depending on their size and construction.

4. Flatbed Trailers:

– Flatbed trailers are available in various weight capacities to accommodate different cargo loads. Common capacities include 7,000, 10,000, and 14,000 pounds, among others.

5. Dump Trailers:

– Dump trailers, designed for hauling materials like gravel or construction debris, may have weight capacities ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 pounds, or even higher for heavy-duty models.

6. Car Hauler Trailers:

– Car hauler trailers, used to transport vehicles, typically have weight capacities of 7,000 to 14,000 pounds, depending on the number of axles and the size of the trailer.

7. Gooseneck Trailers:

– Gooseneck trailers are heavy-duty and often used for transporting large equipment or livestock. Their weight capacities can range from 10,000 to 30,000 pounds or more.

8. Specialty Trailers:

– Specialty trailers, such as equipment trailers, horse trailers, and concession trailers, have weight capacities tailored to their specific purposes and design.

– It’s crucial to select a trailer with an axle and weight capacity that matches the intended load. Overloading a trailer can lead to safety risks, damage to the trailer, and legal issues. Manufacturers provide weight ratings and guidelines for each trailer type to help buyers choose the right option for their needs.

China Best Sales 22.5 Inch Disk Brake Assembly for Truck Trailer Tractor 6.5t--13t Used for FAW, Sinotruk, Hande,   with Good quality China Best Sales 22.5 Inch Disk Brake Assembly for Truck Trailer Tractor 6.5t--13t Used for FAW, Sinotruk, Hande,   with Good quality
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